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Abilene Child Support and Custody Lawyers

At the time of divorce or where unmarried couples are left to determine custody arrangements, balancing the interests of the child and emotions can be very difficult. At the The Law Offices of Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell, PLLC , we are dedicated to asserting the rights of our clients while remaining mindful of each child’s best interests.

If you face a child custody dispute our firm will aggressively assert your rights in or out of court. Contact The Law Offices of Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell, PLLC today for a free consultation.

When there is a custody battle, the child is often the losing party. There are so many variables including living arrangements, where the child should attend school, whether one parent should have sole custody, and the emotional tension that creates a difficult situation to resolve. Our firm is dedicated to asserting the rights of clients while working towards solutions that protect the best interests of every child.

Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell are Abilene based attorneys experienced in handling the following throughout Texas:

  • Child custody disputes
  • Child support
  • Unfit parents
  • Modifications
  • Geographic restrictions on the residence of the child
  • Out-of-state parenting and custody issues
  • Military divorce issues
  • Visitation


Whether parents share custody equally or one parent has primary custody, establishing a visitation order can raise complicated questions about scheduling and logistics. The Law Offices of Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell, PLLC can help you create a plan that meets your needs as well as those of your child.

If you are having problems exercising your court-ordered visitation with your child, Kristin Postell will aggressively enforce your right to see your child regardless of your location.

Child support issues and modifications

After a child support order is determined, there may become a need for assistance in enforcing that order or in seeking a modification. If you have found yourself unable to pay child support because of a change in circumstances such as job loss, an illness, accident or unexpected financial expense, you may be able to obtain a modification to your child support order. If you are seeking to collect child support payments, Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell will aggressively assert your rights and the best interests of the child.

Custody issues for unmarried parents and others

Custody disputes will often arise for unmarried couples who no longer wish to reside together, grandparents, and people in other family arrangements. The Law Offices of Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell, PLLC handles cases involving parental rights between parents or those who have taken on the role of parents.

From your initial consultation through the final resolution of your case, we will take the time to understand the unique needs of your family. With dedication, planning, and strategy, we will work to devise a solution tailored to your unique family needs.

Contact Kristin Postell today to speak with an experienced Abilene, Texas lawyer. Call now to schedule a free consultation regarding child support or child custody disputes.