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Defending Against Charges Of Manufacturing A Controlled Substance

All types of drug crimes are serious and may result in severe penalties. One such drug crime is the manufacture of controlled substances. This is a case in which an individual is accused of manufacturing a drug with intent to distribute or sell. Criminal defense attorneys Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell can fight to protect your rights if you are facing manufacturing charges.

From our law office in Abilene, Texas, we put our years of experience as a criminal defense attorneys to use in order to aggressively represent clients who are facing charges of manufacturing illegal drugs. These cases can be extremely complicated, requiring the attention of a detail-oriented defense lawyer. Contact Randy Wilson or Kristin Postell today to schedule your free consultation.

Defense Against Charges Related To Meth Labs

These days, the most common type of drug that is at the center of manufacturing cases is methamphetamine, which can be manufactured with the use of common, household products. Meth labs can be set up virtually anywhere, but they are often set up in private residences. Law enforcement officials are quick to determine what they consider to be a meth lab, when the area may not be what it seems.

We can review your entire case and determine the best way to handle any manufacturing charge related to the alleged operation of a meth lab.

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