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Abilene Attorney Handling Drug Possession Cases

Though in some cases it may be a misdemeanor, drug possession is a very serious matter that must be treated accordingly. If you are facing drug possession charges, you need representation from a criminal defense lawyer who has experience handling these and other drug cases in the Abilene area.

At the Law Offices of Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell, PLLC, we provide you with aggressive criminal defense representation that is tailored to meet your specific case and needs. We are able to handle all types of drug possession and drug crime cases at both the state and federal level. Contact Randy Wilson or Kristin Postell today to further discuss your case and needs.

The drug possession cases that Mr. Wilson and Ms. Postell handle involve drugs such as:

  • Marijuana
  • Meth (methamphetamine or crystal meth)
  • Cocaine and crack
  • Heroin
  • Prescription drugs (such as oxycodone, Xanax, Vicodin and Percocet)
  • Other controlled substances

Punishments For Drug Possession Convictions

The consequences for a conviction on a drug possession charge vary according to the type of drug and the amount of drug that is found in a person’s possession. A small amount of marijuana may be treated differently than a larger amount of cocaine. Regardless, you may be facing jail time, fines and a permanent criminal record. However, certain quantities of a drug may result in law enforcement officials alleging that it is more than personal use and that you had intent to distribute the drug. This will substantially raise the severity of the penalties that you are facing.

Also, the location of where the drug bust occurs has an impact on the case. The attitudes of the prosecutors in different jurisdictions throughout Texas may result in lighter or harsher punishments. Whether you were busted for trafficking on Interstate 20 or simple possession in Odessa, prosecutors in state and federal court may take your location into account.

Search and Seizure Issues

Drug possession cases often have an element that must be examined: the situation in which the possession occurred. Abilene criminal defense attorneys Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell are committed to investigating illegal search cases, including why the police decided to stop you and whether you were on the street or in a vehicle. We can discuss search warrants with you, if one was served or one should have been required for the search. Stop and frisk matters also come into play when an individual is accused of drug possession.

If you have questions or concerns about a drug possession matter, please contact the Law Offices of Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell, PLLC. Call attorneys Randy Wilson or Kristin Postell toll free at 800-763-8120 to schedule a free consultation.