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Family Law Attorney Serving Abilene And The Surrounding Areas

Family Law Attorneys Serving Abilene And The Surrounding Areas

Family legal problems and any resulting court orders can permanently affect the lives of parties involved. When you are facing a legal difficulty involving your family and your rights, it is necessary that your attorney is able to effectively articulate your needs and accomplish your legal objectives. Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell are family lawyers with the skill and determination to protect your rights in a divorce, child custody dispute, or issue involving visitation, alimony or adoptions needs. Their work also extends to modifications of existing decrees concerning custody, child support and visitation. Randy and Kristin have represented many grandparents concerning custody and access to their grandchildren as well.

Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell provide exceptional legal assistance while allowing you to make the ultimate decisions concerning your family. Randy and Kristin are experienced, knowledgeable and will remain accessible throughout your case. Contact Randy Wilson or Kristin Postell for a free initial consultation on your family law issue.

Resolving Complex Divorce Issues

If you are seeking divorce, legal representation is critical, particularly if children and property are involved. Complex issues can arise involving spousal support, child custody and visitation, and the distribution of property, particularly in cases of military divorce. Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell employ tenacity and aggressiveness to effectively protect your assets and your rights throughout the divorce process.

Community Property Division In Texas

At the time of divorce, the state of Texas presumes that the property acquired during the marriage by either spouse is community property and as such divided equally. Marital property is not always split down the middle, however, and in situations where the division of property is not equal or fair, an experienced family law attorney can fight to protect your property rights and seek an fair resolution. In some instances, an unequal property division may be warranted based upon the circumstances. As experienced divorce and family law attorneys, we can effectively assert your rights to ensure you recover the assets to which you are entitled under the law.

Child Custody & Support

In general, a child’s parents are considered joint conservators as a result of a marriage. Both parents have an equal right to custody when the parents divorce, regardless of gender. While this appears simple and uncomplicated, determining the child’s living arrangements and visitation can often be the cause of tremendous dispute. Other issues regarding children affected by divorce include the amount of child support paid to support the child’s development, as well as visitation rights.

We are experienced in obtaining the best results for parents and children, based upon the specific circumstances of the case. It is no longer uncommon for children to be born outside a marital relationship, and we handle many cases involving support, custody and visitation involving non-married family relationships.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance or alimony may be awarded to either spouse for financial support while the divorce is pending and in some instances after the divorce has been finalized. The payments are calculated to assist a spouse financially in maintaining a similar lifestyle and making the adjustment into full-time employment, if possible. Randy and Kristin’s experience in family law can effectively accomplish your needs during this process.

Grandparent Access

There are certain situations where grandparents are entitled to access to their grandchildren, and in some instances, custody. Randy and Kristin have represented many grandparents in assisting them in these situations as well.

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