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Criminal Law Overview

When you are facing criminal charges or under investigation or being questioned concerning criminal charges, it is absolutely critical that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Without experienced guidance, you may risk losing rights and defenses. Even before your arrest, law enforcement officials will be building a case against you. From statements you make, to where you spend your time, to your social connections, all of your motivations and actions will be under scrutiny. Let Kristin Postell advise you in advance on how to protect yourself, mitigate or prevent charges, and reduce any penalties associated with an offense. An aggressive and effective defense will begin even before charges are brought against you. If you suspect you may be charged with a crime, contact a skilled Abilene criminal defense attorney who can aggressively assert your rights.

Violent and Sex Crimes

Mr. Wilson and Ms. Postell have successfully defended clients charged with violent offenses, including those that constitute crimes involving assaults, murders and accidental death, as well as negligent or reckless acts causing injuries such as intoxication assault, intoxication homicide or assault with a motor vehicle. Ms. Postell also handles cases for individuals charged with child abuse and domestic violence. Our firm has successfully defended clients against charges involving sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, aggravated sexual abuse of a child, continuous sexual assault of a child, indecency, exposure, transmitting pornographic images through use of the Internet, and possessing and trafficking child pornography. These crimes, if you are convicted, carry “sex offender registration” requirements, which create a long-lasting negative impact on a person’s employment and lifestyle.

Alcohol And Drug Crimes

If you have been accused, investigated or charged with a drug-related crime, including driving while intoxicated (DWI), we can provide exceptional legal defense. Our experience includes defending cases involving drug possession, drug trafficking, delivery and manufacturing of controlled substances.

White Collar Crimes

Our firm has effectively defended persons and elected officials charged with white collar crimes. These types of crimes could include embezzlement and fraud, fiduciary fraud, financial crimes, computer crimes and hacking allegations, tampering with government records, perjury, and fabrication and destruction of evidence.

Expunctions And Nondisclosures To Clear Your Criminal Record

An old arrest or criminal charge can follow you for years and stop you from moving on with your life. Fortunately, Texas law allows individuals to seek expunction (also known as expungement) of certain qualifying charges and arrests — and, in a few cases, convictions — from their criminal records. You might also have the option of obtaining a nondisclosure order to partly seal your record so it will no longer hamper your career and public reputation. Ms. Postell can explain what items on your record are eligible for expunction or nondisclosure and guide you through the process.

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