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How calendars can impact custody cases

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Child Custody

The signature of a Texas judge is required before a child custody agreement can go into effect. A judge’s blessing is also typically needed before an existing order can be revoked or modified. Having strong evidence is the key to obtaining a favorable ruling in a child custody proceeding. For instance, an old calendar might be used to show that you’re best suited to be your child’s caregiver.

Show that you’re responsible

A calendar will typically have information regarding doctor’s appointments, birthday parties or other important events. At a minimum, it shows that you can stay organized and know your child’s needs. It may also show that you were the one who took your child to these events or played a primary role in ensuring that your son or daughter got there on time and prepared.

Events cost money

Going to the doctor will typically require a co-pay or some other form of payment at time of service. If your child goes to a birthday party, you’ll likely need to pay for a present or other costs. The cost of gas, a hotel room or other expenses must also be accounted for if you have to travel to another city or state for an appointment, school gathering or other event. A calendar can prove that you went to events in another state or city.

Time with your child matters

A child custody order will typically be predicated on how much time you spend with your child. If you were the one who usually takes your child to events, it may hinder any claims that your former partner might make about receiving joint or sole custody of your son or daughter.

The child’s best interests trump your desires or the desires of any other adults in your case. Therefore, if you want custody of your kid, you’ll need to show that obtaining it will enable your child to thrive both now and into the future.