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Tips for making child custody arrangements work

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | Child Custody

When a relationship fails, and two individuals decide they no longer want to be together, it can be difficult for them to come together to continue to raise their children in a healthy environment. However, creating a parenting plan with clearly defined rules for parents that incorporates all the logistics that are involved makes it easier for everyone involved can help ease tension.

Multiple studies have shown that parents who can remain respectful and cooperative can make the adjustment easier for the children. As such, parents should remember that the parenting plan needs to be about the children. If the divorce was not amicable, it can become easy for parents to try and make the parenting plan about them and not what is best for the children. Further, parents should consider their schedules, including work, when creating a child custody schedule.

Parents should also find a way to communicate that reduces tension between them and the potential need to badmouth one another. These options may include digital calendars, texting or emails. If two parents cannot interact face to face, opting for alternative communication may help parents stay more level-headed and prevent the children from becoming involved in any arguments that could be detrimental to their emotional health.

When creating a parenting plan or determining a child custody arrangement, parents must put aside their emotions and focus on what is in their children’s best interests. If they cannot work together, however, it is often the children who suffer the most as the needs of their parents get put before their own. A child custody attorney may assist with determining the children’s needs and the family as a whole, all while still ensuring that a parent’s rights are maintained during the court case and once a custody arrangement has been finalized.