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Could Trump Jr.’s wife’s inheritance affect her child support?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2018 | Child Support

Many Texas readers are aware that Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa are headed for divorce. Vanessa Trump filed for divorce in March, and the couple are now working through negotiations. The fact that Vanessa received a significant inheritance just prior to filing may play a role in their eventual settlement. While her inheritance is not likely to be up for grabs during property division, the windfall could impact her child support expectations.

The couple share five children. The parties are reportedly not in agreement over how to divide custody of their kids. There is also some debate about their prenuptial agreement. Because Trump Jr.’s father is well-versed in prenups, it’s expected that the agreement put in place is solid.

When it comes to child support, Vanessa Trump may have to include income earned through her inheritance as part of those calculations. There is no word on how much she and her family received, but sources say that it is a life-changing amount. Trump Jr. will soon find out the full extent of her wealth, as she will provide a statement of worth to her husband’s attorney.

Texas residents are likely to learn more about Trump Jr.’s marriage and divorce as the process unfolds. If the couple are unable to agree to terms regarding child custody, child support and their prenuptial agreement, much of their private information could be shared with the public. Of course, if Trump Jr.’s prenup is similar to those of his father, a nondisclosure clause is likely included.

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