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How to present the best child custody stance without trying

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Child Custody

When a Texas parent is faced with a custody battle, he or she often searches for ways to improve his or her legal stance in the matter. That approach, however, fails to recognize the realities of a child custody case, which task the courts with making a determination that is in the best interests of the child. That involves looking at the family’s history, and no volume of last-minute scrambling will make much of a difference. That is why the best way to look good in a child custody case is to have been a great parent from the beginning.

Parents should make every effort to remain close with their children from infancy on. That can be a challenge for households in which one parent spends a great deal of time at work, and the other handles most of the duties associated with child care. Even then, the absent parent should find ways to bond with his or her children, even if that means taking time away from other obligations. Some parents create daily routines where a parent/child bond can be strengthened, such as having the working parent drive the kids to school every morning. Other parents set aside time for parents to take occasional one-on-one weekend trips with the kids, which also gives the primary caregiver a much-needed break.

No matter how the family goes about the task, creating and sustaining strong parental bonds is important. Plenty of research supports the notion that kids who have two engaged parents fare much better than those with an absent parent. If the marriage eventually comes to an end, then the parent who worked outside of the home will still have a strong position in court, and could even obtain fully shared custody.

For those in Texas who feel strongly that they have no need to prepare for a child custody case, it is hoped that they are correct. Fortunately, the tips outlined above will yield great results no matter if the marriage thrives or falters. By engaging in positive parenting practices, spouses can have the best of both worlds: healthy and happy kids and a strong child custody position if and when that need should arise.

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