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Texas to allow electronic service of divorce papers

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Divorce

The Texas Supreme Court is set to enable the public to serve or be served court papers via the internet, e-mail, or social media like Facebook or Twitter. The order allows service of divorce papers via the internet or social media so long as a lawyer can show that attempted service failed and that the internet account belongs to the defendant.

Law changed by Legislature in 2019

The Texas Legislature allowed service by internet or social media in 2019. The statute directed the court to adopt the rule for service via social media by December 31st of this year, where the Court currently stands. The Court is accepting public comment regarding the order until December 31st, 2020.

Particularly in the present-day, increasingly globalized world, divorce rules and laws are ever-changing, just as serving papers was traditionally done by hand or through the mail. Divorce involves legal issues such as electronic service that must be dealt with before the proceedings begin.

One professional referenced in the article feels that the spirit behind electronic service of court papers is to keep up with modern times. He says court paper service has been a consistent issue and that time and resources have always been spent locating parties to court proceedings.

Keeping up with ever changing laws

The laws and rules governing divorce here in Texas can change over time, affecting the rights and options available to those seeking help from the state courts on family law issues. For those with questions, working with an experienced attorney can help those in need understand the nuances of the law and seek the right path forward.