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What is grey divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Divorce

Across Texas and in other parts of the United States, divorces involving couples who have been married long-term are on the rise. Divorce can be one of the hardest challenges a couple can face, but it’s sometimes inevitable for couples who have grown apart after decades of marriage.

While each couple’s situation is unique, there are several reasons why grey divorce is increasing. The first thing that often comes to mind when an individual hears about a divorce is infidelity. However, other issues such as addictions, financial mismanagement and emotional difficulties can also contribute to a grey divorce. Like other divorces, financial matters are a primary concern that may lead to a grey divorce. Managing finances can be difficult for a couple struggling with debt or barely making ends meet.

For couples who have dedicated their married lives raising a family, “empty nest syndrome” can easily set in once the kids grow up and leave home. Spouses who find themselves in this situation may not know how to relate to one another like they once did, which can lead to a distanced feeling.

The process of navigating a gray divorce can be difficult, and the split can have a significant impact on family dynamics. The division of property and assets can be particularly difficult to navigate for couples who have spent many years together since they likely have insurance policies, retirement benefits, financial investments or Social Security benefits to divide. Individuals who are facing the inevitability of divorce may consider consulting with an experienced family law attorney. An attorney may help guide a client through the complexities of the divorce process.