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Dealing with child custody issues during the holiday season

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | Child Custody

The holidays are a time that Texas families want to be together, and parents want to create memories and spend time with their kids. This can be complicated, however, for families after divorce, and some parents may find themselves dealing with depression, anger and other emotions when their children are with the other parent. The Christmas season can make child custody issues quite complicated and difficult. 

One of the most important and practical ways that divorced parents can deal with hurt feelings and disappointment during the holidays is to let go of expectations. It is also prudent to be thankful for any time with the children, even if it is at a different time or on a different day than hoped. Parents will also find it helpful to spare their children from additional difficulties by refraining from talking bad about the other parent. 

Divorce will bring significant changes to the lives of every member of the family, and this time of year can be particularly challenging when navigating these changes. It is okay to grieve and have strong feelings, but it is also possible to accept the reality of the situation and focus on the well-being of the kids. For parents walking through the divorce process, it is beneficial to think about including a fair and equitable division of parenting time during this season in the custody order.

Texas parents experiencing child custody issues during the holidays are not alone. It is common to grieve and feel frustrated when a parent cannot be with his or her kids like in the past, but it is possible to create new and wonderful traditions post divorce. Through compromise and negotiations, divorcing parents can reach a final divorce order that is reasonable and beneficial for everyone.