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Collaborative divorce could improve child custody outcomes

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Military Divorce

For certain Texas families, a less contentious divorce is beneficial to all family members. This is especially true in the case of parents who share one or more children. Instead of traditional child custody litigation, collaborative divorce offers a far less fraught path to ending a marriage. This can be a relief to everyone involved. 

Parents must remember that, no matter how the divorce plays out, they will continue to be linked for the remainder of their lives through their child or children. Keeping that concept at the forefront of the divorce and child custody negotiation process can make it easier to find solutions rather than fight over minute details. Collaborative divorce can help de-escalate many child custody negotiations.

Through collaboration, parents can work together to resolve the division of parenting rights and responsibilities. That partnership can be instrumental in forming a new relationship that will extend into the co-parenting years. In the best outcomes, parents emerge from collaboration better able to communicate with one another and work together to resolve their differences. This is far different than staggering away from a contentious divorce with little but bitterness to show for it. 

Collaboration is not a good fit for all Texas families. In cases where abuse is an issue, a more traditional approach may be called for. However, for many families, it is an approach that certainly deserves careful consideration. Working together to find the best possible child custody agreement can be a great way to pave the road ahead.

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