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Unexpected effects of a Texas military divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2013 | Military Divorce

When a Texas couple moves through a divorce, there are a great many things that are expected. Virtually everyone accepts that the end of a marriage will bring a wide range of changes, and most are prepared to deal with a period of adjustment after the process is complete. However, in many cases spouses are surprised by some of the emotional effects of a military divorce, some of which don’t arise until many years after the split takes place.

One aspect of divorce that can come as a surprise is how deeply the division of a family can affect one’s children. This is true regardless of the age of the child, or how negative the relationship between the parents was during the marriage. Children often feel completely unsettled by the division of their family, and can have serious difficulties adjusting to the change. In such cases, parents may want to consider working with a therapist to address any issues the child is having.

Another aspect of divorce and co-parenting is the eventual arrival of a new partner in the life of one’s former spouse. In many cases, this person will be there to help the kids with their homework, soothe their cuts and bruises and provide advice. It can be hard to accept that another man or woman is stepping in to take a caregiver role. However, these changes must be handled carefully, and unless there is serious cause for concern, it is important to allow a child to accept these new people into their lives.

Texas parents who are going through a military divorce should understand that it is impossible to accurately predict the long-term emotional reactions that can come with the end of a marriage. Each family is unique, and what is an issue for some may be of no concern to another. By remaining closely connected to shared children, parents are better able to identify these and other issues if and when they arise, and can construct a response that suits the needs of the children at the center of the matter.

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