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Charlie Sheen offers more child support, ex-wife turns him down

Just about anyone in the state of Texas will tell you that one of the more difficult parts of divorce is figuring out child custody and the subsequent child support that must be paid to the primary parent.  But sometimes these cases can get incredibily complicated, especially when caregivers are not the children's biological parents.  Such is the case with Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards, who received temporary custody of Sheen's twin boys from a proveious marriage after their mother was accused of being on drugs.

Should states reconsider laws governing alimony support?

Fifty years ago, most people in the state of Texas wouldn't have thought twice about including alimony support payments in a divorce agreement. But times have changed-as some experts point out-and roles in society are looked at differently now than they were in the past. Women are finding a foothold in the career market, making names for themselves in fields relatively inaccessible fifty years ago. And with divorce a common-day thing, filing for separation no longer taints your image, preventing you from remarrying and regaining full financial stability.

Real Housewives star Porsha Williams 'blindsided' by divorce

When it comes to celebrity news, there are two different types of people in Texas: those that want to hear all of the juicy little secrets and those that who would rather give them their privacy. But regardless of the standpoint, the media continues to report on even the most intimate details of celebrities' lives, regardless of whether they want the information to remain private or not.

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