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Avoiding mistakes during a Texas military divorce

For Texas spouses who are going through a divorce, the sheer number of decisions that must be made can feel overwhelming. Women, especially, can have a difficult time moving through the process of a military divorce, especially if they are unaware of their rights under the law. Reaching a fair child custody agreement and property division outcome are the most important aspects of a Texas military divorce, and wives must be sure that they are looking after their own best interests during this critical time.

Divorce, child custody struggles may impact kids' weight

For those Texas parents who are preparing to divorce, the ways that this decision might impact their children is a significant source of worry. It is undeniable that divorce will have significant repercussions on shared children, but parents can have a great deal of control over these outcomes based on how they handle the challenge of divorce and child custody changes. For those who are aware of the risks and are willing to be proactive, many of the negative effects of divorce can be mitigated.

Sherri Shepherd involved in unusual child custody fight

Texas fans of the hit television show “The View” will recognize the name of co-host Sherri Shepherd. The talk show personality is currently in the beginning stages of what will likely be an unusual and highly contentious child custody battle. Shepherd has filed for divorce from her husband, and the two have begun a legal struggle over rights to their unborn child. That child is being carried by a surrogate mother.

Unmarried fathers face child custody challenges

When a Texas couple enters into a child custody struggle, the matter is usually between a mother and father. In some cases, however, those roles are slightly different from the norm, and the dispute often centers on those differences. One recent celebrity case involving a famous actor highlights the child custody challenges that can arise when parental roles do not conform to the norm.

Many groups pushing for child custody reform

The American legal system is a complex and amazing thing; a kind of "living" body laws that guide our interactions with one another. As impressive as the system is, it is also slow to change, especially in regard to family law. In many ways, the child custody laws that divorcing parents in Texas face are far behind the times, leading many to push for reform in this area of our legal system.

Does child custody always have to be contentious?

Many Texas readers are familiar with the recently released documentary called Divorce Corp. The film claims to give viewers an inside view of the "divorce industry" and the "truth" about divorce in America. However, the vision of divorce presented in the film is a far cry from the experience that many Texas couples have when ending their marriage and making child custody decisions.

Child custody case leads to outrage, despair

For Texas parents, few things can be more distressing than the thought of losing the right to raise one's own child. In the vast majority of child custody disputes, the struggle is between a mother and father who are unable to agree on the division of parenting duties after their marriage has come to an end. However, there are other ways that parents can lose access to their children, even when the family unit remains whole and functioning.

Potential unmarried child custody issues with unborn children

People in Texas who have had a serious relationship without marriage and make the decision to separate may still have property to divide and unmarried child custody issues to work through. The emotional difficulty associated with custody arrangements and legal confusion for resolving unmarried property division can leave a person with many questions. When fertilized frozen embryos made by both parties are part of the situation, some people can find it difficult to navigate through the process without professional help. Potential unmarried child custody issues with unborn children could be a reality for a man facing the difficult dilemma of frozen fertilized embryos made with a past girlfriend.

Is divorce in the future for Google's cofounder Sergey Brin?

Many people here in Texas were surprised to hear the news that Google cofounder Sergey Brin and his wife were separating after six years of marriage. As with all high-profile splits, the main concern on a lot of people’s minds was how a pending divorce could affect not only the couple’s lives but the businesses they had stake in as well.

Is a child custody battle in the future for Texas woman?

Many residents here in Texas may have already heard the news by now that the 35-year-old woman allegedly responsible for sending ricin-laced letters to political figures across the nation has prematurely given birth this month to a baby boy. According to reports, the baby was born four months premature and may face serious medical issues while hospitalized.

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