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Discussing post-divorce living arrangements with kids

For Texas parents who are preparing to divorce, one of the most difficult aspects of that process involves breaking the news to one's children. No parent wants to have this discussion, and most understand that there will be a degree of sadness and a sense of loss that accompanies the news that divorce is on the horizon. When broaching the subject, parents must be fully prepared to answer a range of questions, including giving some level of detail concerning the living arrangements that will soon follow.

How kids adjust to summer living arrangements

For families that have gone through divorce, summer can pose a particular challenge. Many child custody agreements are structured in a manner that gives the non-custodial parent a greater share of a child's summer break. This gives parents in Texas who are not always involved in their child's life on a daily basis a chance to reconnect and catch up on the changes that have taken place during the school year. That transition in living arrangements, however, can be a difficult hurdle for kids to cross.

Divorce, child custody could lead to grief process

Understanding the impact that divorce can have on children is key to achieving a favorable outcome. Many Texas parents are concerned about how their divorce and resulting child custody changes will affect their shared children, and they are unsure how to respond to their questions and concerns. Some social scientists liken divorce to death and assert that kids will need to go through a grieving process as they come to terms with the change. The following information is given in the hopes of giving parents an idea of what to expect in the weeks and months following the announcement of their pending divorce.

Is shared child custody a better solution for kids?

Texas parents who are trying to find the best possible division of parenting responsibilities are facing a real challenge. Social science, despite a plethora of studies on the topic, has yet to present a hard-and-fast rule when it comes to which type of child custody structures are best for children. In fact, studies routinely come out on all sides of the matter, leaving parents with little guidance in creating a custody plan that is best for their family.

Child custody dispute leads to accusation of kidnapping

There are few things that can cause a greater level of contention between two individuals than struggles over the care and custody of a shared child. Divorced parents in Texas often go through years of difficulty as they divide parenting rights and responsibilities between them. In some cases, these struggles escalate to the point that the matter is brought back before a court, and one or both parents ask for a modification to an existing child custody order or agreement. In a recent case, the level of strife led to claims of parental kidnapping and the arrest of one parent.

Why spouses resist filing for military divorce

Military spouses in Texas know that marrying into the military is akin to embracing an entire culture, one that endures throughout a spouse's time in the service and even beyond. The sense of support and belonging that comes with a military marriage may be of great comfort to some. However, it might also play a role in the reluctance to seek a military divorce when that option is the one that makes the most sense.

Family in child custody fight after home birth

The right to practice one's religion, and to raise one's children according to that religion, is protected by the U.S. Constitution. Parents in Texas and across the nation have the right to dictate how their children will be raised, a right that is held dear and strongly protected. There are cases, however, in which a family's choices for its children run afoul of the preferences of the state. Such is the case for one family that is currently struggling to retain its child custody rights regarding its three infant children.

Is Nick Cannon a child custody role model?

Texas fans of the hit show "America's Got Talent" will be familiar with the name Nick Cannon. The personable host of the show, Cannon comes across as funny, witty and utterly relatable. The entertainer and his wife, singer Mariah Carey, may also serve as the most current example of the rarest of breeds: the celebrity couple who handles their divorce and child custody with dignity and grace.

Singer Fantasia Barrino facing child custody fight

Raising a child on one's own is challenging; a fact that any single parent in Texas will attest to. Finding a way to provide for a child, cover child care needs and be there to supply love and guidance is far more difficult when a parent holds sole child custody rights and there is no other parent to lean on for support. It can be even more of a challenge for a single parent to pursue their own career path while managing the needs of one or more children.

A child's perspective on child custody matters

For Texas parents who divorce, the impact on their shared children is one of their greatest concerns. It can be difficult to predict how kids will react to a shift in their family structure, and many parents fear that there could be difficulty accepting the changes ahead. The following insight is based on interviews with individuals who went through a divorce and child custody process while they were still children. The results might be surprising to parents who are concerned about their own children, and could bring a measure of relief.

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