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Judge removes herself from child custody case

When a family law matter comes before a Texas court, the judge that initially takes on the matter will almost always continue to preside over the case until the minor children reach the age of maturity. This is true in other states, as well. A departure from that norm comes when a judge agrees to withdraw from a child custody case or other matter. Such instances are rare, but an example is found in one high-profile case that has made headlines across the nation.

Did mother lose child custody rights over poverty?

A highly controversial case is heading to one state's Supreme Court, and may eventually end up before the U.S. Supreme Court. The case centers on a mother who lost her parental rights, but was not represented by an attorney when that ruling was made. The unusual child custody outcome has left the mother unable to visit her child in the two years since. The outcome of this case could have ramifications for parents across the nation, including those in Texas.

Woman saddened by ruling viewed as child custody loss

In a recent case before a West Coast family court, a man and woman fought over the fate of embryos that were created from their shared genetic material. The story has gained a high level of media attention in Texas and elsewhere in recent months, as the issue is one that has emerged more and more as technology advances. In this case, the woman wanted to use the embryos to carry a child that shares her genetic makeup, while her former husband wanted the embryos destroyed. The ruling has left the woman distraught and feeling as if she lost a child custody battle.

Handling the first few post-divorce child custody holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner. Plans are being made for special meals, and the stores are filled with decorations and gift ideas. For some in Texas, however, the holidays are not always a time to celebrate. Parents who have recently gone through a child custody struggle often dread the holiday season and the seemingly endless opportunities for conflict that the next few weeks will provide.

Child custody case could end up in federal court

An unusual custody battle has made headlines in Texas and across the nation, and it could end up being decided in a federal court. The matter involves a parent and grandparent struggling over child custody rights to two small boys. The fact that the mother of the children is a registered member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe adds a layer of complexity to the case.

Video catches attack on husband during child custody dispute

While most Texas parents are able to work through their divorce issues outside of the courtroom, there are cases in which emotions run high, and contention between spouses becomes difficult to overcome. In the most drastic examples, spouses will engage in forms of domestic violence before their divorces and child custody cases are resolved. Many of these incidents can be characterized as relatively minor instances of simple assault, which leave no visible marks. In such cases, it can be difficult to prove that an act of domestic violence took place.

Preserving family memories during a child custody case

When Texas parents are unable to see eye-to-eye on how to divide parenting time after a divorce, the matter often goes before a judge. This can be a very difficult time for all involved, and child custody cases are among the most contentious forms of family law. During this period of time, both parents and children can be placed under a great deal of stress, and parents can often make choices that are based more in the emotional now, rather than in an objective tomorrow.

Child custody dispute leads to kidnapping charges

When parents are no longer in a relationship and are unable to agree upon the care and custody of a shared child, the situation can become complicated. Often, these matters end up before a Texas judge as part of a formal child custody dispute. The legal process to determine custody matters can be stressful and lengthy, and the end result is not always easy for one or both parents to accept. That said, it is imperative that parents follow the determinations laid out within the child custody order. Failure to do so can result in serious criminal charges and a loss of access to the child in question.

Victory for father in child custody matter

Most families who face a custody battle are in the midst of a divorce or breakup. That said, there are certain types of cases in which child custody disputes affect intact families, in Texas and across the nation. Such is the case for one family that has been put under enormous volumes of stress over the past year after a baby's father was accused of child abuse.

Marijuana use could cause child custody issues

As the nation continues to grapple with the issue of whether marijuana use should be legalized, many families are uncertain about how use of the drug could affect them in a family law matter. While there is a high degree of voter support for measures aimed at decriminalizing marijuana, it is important to understand that the family court system in Texas and elsewhere has not yet worked out a standard for handling cases in which use of the drug is a factor. Parents can still face serious child custody issues involving drug use, even in parts of the nation where marijuana has been legalized.

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