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Parents must choose child custody battles carefully

Many Texas parents can't wait to move beyond divorce and custody matters, believing that things will smooth out once an agreement has been reached and all parties are able to settle into the newly altered family structure. Unfortunately, it is common for parents to continue struggling with one another, even after child custody matters have been settled. One of the hardest things for newly divorced parents to accept is that they will have no control over their former partner's parenting approach once the marriage has ended.

Properly navigating unmarried child custody issues

When two parents who are not married decide to separate, it can be particularly complex to resolve matters involving the children. Considering how frustrating and complicated such matters can be, unmarried child custody issues should always be handled with the assistance of a lawyer who can help a client find practical, workable solutions. This assistance can provide invaluable support to a Texas parent who both wishes to assert his or her parental rights and protect the best interests of the child. 

Child custody dispute results in golf ban for child

Few things are more exciting for Texas parents than when a child displays a particularly high aptitude for academics, music, art or sports. There are some kids who just seem destined to pursue their dreams at the highest possible levels, and parents are often filled with pride when their child is among that small group. In a recent high profile child custody dispute, one little girl's dreams of playing professional golf may have been hindered by her parent's inability to work together to resolve their custody issues.

Addressing unmarried child custody issues during visitation

When a relationship ends and the parties share one or more children, co-parenting can be a challenge. That said, even parents who had a reasonably amicable breakup can still encounter unmarried child custody issues as they transition into their role as co-parents. The following advice can make that transition easier to manage, and can help Texas parents work find a new way to work together to serve the best interests of their kids.

How to handle summertime child custody issues

The official start of summer is just around the corner, but for many Texas families, summertime begins when school lets out and the kids are home throughout the week. For those who share kids based on a child custody arrangement, summer can offer a particular set of challenges. The following tips are offered in the hopes of giving parents a fresh perspective on summer time-sharing, and the ability to work together to make this summer one to remember.

Protest focuses on the child custody rights of women

Many people in Texas believe that in a custody battle between a man and a woman, the woman will have a distinct advantage in court. In reality, however, the days when it was assumed that women are better caregivers than men are long gone. What can lead to a child custody disparity is money and which party has the ability to launch a lengthy legal battle.

Parental alienation can factor into child custody dispute

Family courts are tasked with making difficult decisions each and every day. For those in Texas who are preparing to go before a family court judge, it is important to understand how the process works and what to expect, so that a parent can work with his or her attorney to structure the best possible legal argument or response. Courts are asked to make life-changing decisions in a very short period of time, armed with only minimal information about the parties before the court date and the input of an array of professionals. Very often, how things appear will guide the outcome of a child custody dispute more than the factual realities that a family is facing.

Child custody dispute centers on Native American ancestry

An unusual child custody case has been making its way through the courts for nearly four years, and has recently led to a high-profile custody change. That change removed a child from her long-time foster home in favor of a different placement. The child custody dispute centers on the provisions laid out within the Indian Child Welfare Act, which has led to a great deal of debate in Texas and across the nation.

How to talk with kids about divorce and child custody

Parents who are moving toward divorce often dread having to discuss the matter with their kids. A great deal of that fear comes from not knowing how a child will react, as well as worrying about how to structure divorce and child custody conversations. The following tips focus on how kids approach divorce at different ages, and can help parents in Texas and elsewhere formulate a plan for having the "divorce talk" with their own kids.

An unusual but effective child custody tactic

Many Texas readers are familiar with the phrase "kill them with kindness." It is often used as advice for individuals who are dealing with some sort of contention, whether at work, with a friend or in a social setting. The saying is meant to suggest that when a person wants to win another over to his or her side, it is often better to be unfailingly kind and considerate rather than adversarial. This approach yields results, and it can also be applied within the context of child custody matters.

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