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YouTube family facing serious child custody issues

Love it or hate it, most Texas residents have had some exposure to YouTube, the online platform that allows users to upload and share video content. Users can create "channels" for uploaded video, and can even monetize those channels by allowing ads to be placed alongside uploaded content. As one family recently discovered, however, there is a limit to the type of content that can and should be shared with others. The couple behind the YouTube channel DaddyOFive is now facing a serious child custody battle based on videos of their family.

Could timing lead to a child custody dispute?

One of the hardest things for Texas parents to consider during a divorce is how to divide parenting time. There are a limited number of days that parents get to spend with their kids before they are all grown up and out of the house, which is why making the most of those days is a priority. Parents may want to consider how the timing of their divorce could create an unexpected child custody dispute.

Did the judge mishandle child custody issues in this case?

When a family court judge in Texas or any other state is faced with a custody case, he or she is tasked with making a determination that is in the best interests of the child or children at the heart of the matter. Often, that means determining which parent is best suited to provide the bulk of care for a child. In some child custody cases, however, a judge is asked to determine if a child should be removed from his or her home and placed into the care of the state. That can be a devastating set of circumstances for parents, especially when they fear that their child might be in danger while in foster care.

How domestic abuse can impact child custody cases

For women who have gone through an abusive relationship, few things are more stressful than having to share a child with their abuser. Unfortunately, however, that is the case for many Texas mothers. Understanding how domestic abuse can impact a child custody case is critical to avoiding some of the more common pitfalls that abuse victims encounter.

Child custody dispute likely to focus on religious rights

A difficult custody case may be on the horizon for a couple that is charged in the death of their 2-year-old daughter. The couple are parents to six other children and recently relinquished child custody to state child protective services. Many readers in Texas and across the nation expect that the couple will fight to be reunited with their children and will claim that they were well within their rights to avoid seeking medical treatment for the child who lost her life. The matter is sure to spark debate on how to balance parental rights and the best interests of the child.

Child custody dispute focuses on adoption agency tactics

Few Texas custody battles are more distressing than those between biological and adoptive parents. In such child custody cases, there are often no winners, and the matters focus on children who are caught in the middle of stressful and often lengthy court procedures. An example is found in the case of a man from a southern state whose daughter was placed for adoption while he was incarcerated.

Mother in another state fighting to regain child custody

A mother was highly upset when a judge recently ruled that her 3-year-old daughter was to live with her former husband after she sought to ease her child's suffering in an unusual manner. The mother's attorney said they hope to convince the court to grant child custody back the mother. For now, the child has been sent to live with her father, and the mother has been given visitation rights. Parents in Texas facing custody challenges may relate to this woman's distress.

Can child custody papers be served through Facebook?

Initiating a legal case concerning the rights and responsibilities of parenting is not always a simple matter. When one party does not wish to participate, he or she may go to great lengths to avoid legal service. That leaves the other party in a difficult position, as the rules of service in Texas and elsewhere are very clear in regard to how a child custody case can be initiated. A recent case in a different state illustrates the challenges of properly serving legal paperwork.

Former prostitute regains child custody rights

When Texas parents are unable to reach an agreement on how to share parenting time and duties, the matter often goes before a court of law. That can lead to a scenario in which parents will make every effort to "win" a child custody case, even if that means launching personal attacks against each other. An example is found in the recent appellate win for a mother who once worked as a prostitute.

Same-sex couples face complex child custody dispute

After the Supreme Court legitimized same-sex marriage, many people in Texas and across the nation celebrated. The move was viewed as an extension of rights to a group that had long felt shut out of marriage. For some same-sex couples, however, the battle is not yet over. An example is found in a couple currently struggling over a complex child custody dispute.

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