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Why do couples divorce?

It is often impossible to tell what really happens in a marriage behind closed doors. Family and friends may be shocked when the perfect couple announces their intention to divorce. For some Texas couples, it may be difficult to put into words what went wrong. However, advisors to couples have learned that some common issues often lead to the breakup of a seemingly happy marriage.

Texas woman celebrates divorce with a big bang

People respond to the end of their marriages in different ways. Some embrace the change and look to the future with excitement, while others pine and mourn for what once was and what could have been. Still others celebrate this new and exciting chapter of their lives in unorthodox ways. There have been reports of women burning their wedding dresses, but one woman in Medina County, went a step further following her divorce.

How stock options and restricted stock factor into divorce

When a couple decides to get a divorce in Texas, the division of assets is typically one of each person's top concerns. However, many types of assets -- such as stock options and restricted stock -- could slip through the cracks when making these decisions. These types of assets should always be considered within the divorce proceedings to ensure that the assets are fairly divided between each party.

Divorce can be especially hard on Texas men

Texas spouses who are considering filing for divorce often focus on the tangible matters surrounding the end of a marriage. Child custody, property division and other details often dominate the process. It can be easy to forget that divorce involves an emotional component, as well. This is especially true for individuals who are not accustomed to acknowledging or showing their emotions. Recent research suggest that men are particularly vulnerable to negative health consequences that come from divorce, which could be tied to their lack of emotional coping skills.

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