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Contentious child custody cases on the rise, say experts

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2020 | Child Custody

When two parents decide to share parenting duties without being in a relationship with one another, it can be difficult, even in cases where they are able to get along with one another. However, many experts who work with divorced families say they are seeing a rise in the number of child custody cases that involve significant conflict and hurt feelings between parents. People here in Texas wondering how to handle their own child custody matters may have much to learn from these experts’ thoughts about why this may be happening. 

Reportedly, many parents are unable to agree on a parenting plan that both of them will follow. Each parent may have different ideas regarding rules and discipline for their kids, which can easily lead to conflict. It can be very difficult for children to attempt to navigate the boundaries for two totally different households.

Another problem is the rise of the use of social media. People often post things online that they may not say when in a face-to-face interaction with someone else. The problem here is two-fold: people may not be held accountable for some of the more troubling things they say, and their children may see it. All of this can cause two parents to become more polarized.

Lastly, one expert reports an increase in divorce cases that involve mental illness, in a parent or child. The concern here is that one parent who doesn’t have a mental illness may feel especially protective of shared children. In the case of a child with a mental illness, parents may clash over what each of them believes is best for the child.

If two parents are struggling to determine or manage a child custody agreement for any reason, they may want to involve professional assistance. An attorney here in Texas can help those who have questions about any part of the process. What is important is that the children’s needs are put first.