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Fathers hoping to solve unmarried child custody issues

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Child Custody

For a long time, it has been presumed that mothers provide more care for their children. Though in many cases this can be true, there are countless fathers who want equal time to parent their children. However, for Texas dads who aren’t in a relationship with their children’s moms, child custody issues involving parents who did not marry one another can be harder to navigate. One group of fathers from out of state is hoping to change all of that.

The men in this story want joint custody of children to be the default option when determining a custody agreement. Historically, courts have sided with mothers when determining who should be the primary caregiver in a relationship where two parents were never married. The men have testified in Washington, D.C. regarding their belief that laws do not currently exist to protect their relationship with their children and in support of a bill they helped draft to accomplish their goals.

Critics are concerned that kids in domestic violence situations may be put at risk, since mothers do not always report domestic violence even when they file for separation. The fathers insist that they want children to be safe but that they also want kids to have access to both parents equally. They also support social media initiatives to encourage men to increase their involvement as a parent and created a hotline for fathers who are struggling with this issue.

No matter the circumstance, a child’s happiness has to be put first. Sometimes, that means giving each parent equal time to care for their children. Texas parents who have questions about unmarried child custody issues may want to consult an attorney. An experienced family law lawyer can help guide a parent through this potentially-difficult situation.