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Woman gets $150,000 in unpaid child support after 50 years

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | Child Support

Texas parents who receive child support payments from their children’s other parent rely on that income to care for their kids. If those payments aren’t made, it can put financial, mental and emotional strain on the parent and the children as everyone struggles to make ends meet. Though it can sometimes seem as though hope is lost when a parent refuses to make these payments, one woman’s story is inspiring people around the nation. At 74 years old, she will soon be getting $150,000 in unpaid child support from her ex-husband.

The woman and her husband divorced in 1970 and the man received a court order to pay child support to his ex-wife. The woman alleges that her ex’s first check for child support bounced and that he moved out of the country afterwards. She attempted to move on with her life and provide for her daughter on her own income as an interior designer. The daughter in question, who is now in her 50s, said that she suffered due to her mother being forced to work so much in order to provide for them.

At one point, the woman realized that her state had no statute of limitations for unpaid child support. She used the internet to locate her ex-husband, who had moved back to the United States by that point. The woman went to court and filed a motion to receive the payments she was owed. Her ex-husband agreed once the judge approved her motion, saying that he was actually happy to pay his ex-wife. He will make payments to her once he has paid an initial lump sum.

The woman’s case has inspired other parents to pursue recovery of unpaid child support. Laws vary state to state, so the best course of action for anyone here in Texas in a similar situation is to speak with an experienced attorney. It may be the way to ensure that one’s children receive the care to which they are entitled.