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Six parents arrested for failure to pay child support

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2019 | Child Support

Most parents are only too happy to care and provide for their children. This can hold true even if parents who share children are not in a relationship with one another. However, for varying reasons, some parents have difficulty supporting their children financially. Even if a parent has a valid reason for struggling to make child support payments, it does not negate the responsibility to do so. Local Texas police recently made several arrests of parents who had failed to make their proper payments.

Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, sent out a news release regarding the arrests. He stated that his office’s Child Support Division was responsible for the sweep. Local authorities were used to conduct the operation. Paxton said that parents have a moral responsibility to ensure that their children receive proper care. His hope is that this type of enforcement will have a positive impact on children’s futures.

Six different law enforcement teams arrested parents who had failed to honor a court order that required them to make child support payments. The teams targeted the parents early in the day, before they would have had a chance to leave their homes. The civil warrants used to make the arrests could result in up to six months in jail.

Anyone here in Texas who is struggling to make or receive court-ordered child support may wish to reach out to an attorney. Depending on a parent’s exact circumstances, a modification to an existing court order may be an option. The most important matter is to ensure that any children affected are healthy and happy.