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What to do with the house in military divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | Military Divorce

The family home is more than just a building; it’s often the repository of memories, especially for parents. When a military divorce takes place, some Texas spouses have a hard time coming to terms with moving on from the family home. That, unfortunately, can lead to some questionable decisions when it comes to what to do with this piece of real estate. 

Spouses should make every effort to approach the family home as any other investment. That, of course, is often easier said than done. The numbers should be the primary focus, not the memories held within the walls. Very often, keeping the home is not the best decision. 

For one thing, maintaining a home can be costly. There are also small repairs to think about. If the departing spouse handled the majority of work needed to keep up the property, the spouse who remains will need to figure out a way to manage those tasks on his or her own after the divorce. There is also the eventual costs associated with selling the property, and the uncertainties of the real estate market. 

The best way to move forward in this decision is to have the value of the house assessed and create a realistic budget for its upkeep. Having those numbers clearly outlined can help Texas spouses view the issue as a financial, not an emotional, one. A military divorce brings about the need for many different decisions, but addressing the family home is an important one. It may be helpful to remember that there is plenty of time to make new memories in a brand new setting.