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Texas woman celebrates divorce with a big bang

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Divorce

People respond to the end of their marriages in different ways. Some embrace the change and look to the future with excitement, while others pine and mourn for what once was and what could have been. Still others celebrate this new and exciting chapter of their lives in unorthodox ways. There have been reports of women burning their wedding dresses, but one woman in Medina County, went a step further following her divorce.

A day after her Texas divorce was finalized, ending a marriage that had lasted for 14 years, the woman celebrated the occasion by detonating 20 pounds of explosives and blowing her wedding dress to pieces. According to reports, she used an explosive called Tannerite, and people could hear the blast for miles around her family farm where the incident took place on a recent Saturday night. The woman stated that she has initially planned to simply burn the garment, but her father came up with the idea of using explosives.

Using a rifle, the woman stood 200 yards away and fired into the mound of explosives. Apparently, she only had to fire one shot to detonate the Tannerite. She was surrounded by some 40 friends and family members, and they reportedly cheered when the explosion went off.

For many people in Texas and elsewhere, divorce can be hard emotionally. While blowing up one’s wedding dress may seem a little extreme, people deal with the process in their own ways. However, no matter a person’s state of mind, he or she can find support and guidance throughout the process by relying on an experienced family law attorney. 

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