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Mother continues fight in complicated child custody case

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Child Custody

No parent relishes the thought of a custody battle, but some cases are exceptionally difficult to weather, in Texas and across the nation. Parents are usually so emotionally connected to their children that the thought of losing access to them can cloud otherwise good judgment. Unfortunately, that can lead to negative outcomes in child custody court, a lesson that one mother has learned the hard way. 

The case centers on an 11-year-old little girl whose parents were involved in a bitter child custody fight when the mother’s grandmother shot and killed the child’s father. The grandmother is currently serving a 55-year prison sentence. In 2010, the child’s mother took the little girl to Florida to avoid a court-ordered visit with the child’s paternal grandparents, which led to her arrest and the current case against her. 

The little girl was placed in the care of her aunt and uncle, and the mother has fought to regain custody ever since. In a recent hearing, the court was made aware that the child is asking to remain with her aunt and uncle. The state’s Department of Children and Family Services is asking the court to make the placement permanent. 

The mother is now searching for a new attorney to continue her child custody fight. She has expressed remorse in court and is asking for the chance to raise her child. As her case moves forward, the court is tasked with determining what’s in the best interests of the child, who at this point has been living with her aunt and uncle for two years and is likely settled into her new life. In cases in Texas and elsewhere, a prolonged legal fight can cause a judge to favor a ruling that allows a child to remain in a stable home setting, even if such a move goes against parental rights.