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Lisa Marie Presley may be able to seal child custody records

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Child Custody

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, recently won a small battle in her ongoing custody fight. Presley asked the court to seal documents in her child custody case for the purpose of protecting her 9-year-old twin daughters. Presley is in the middle of a longstanding child custody dispute with her estranged husband, musical director Michael Lockwood. Many Texas residents are following the story. 

The reason behind the request was stated as concern over salacious details that could come up in the course of the custody case. Specifically, Presley claims she found photos and videos of other children on her husband’s computer, which was a source of concern. She hopes that, by keeping the records sealed, she can keep any disturbing details that arise during the case out of the public realm.

Sealing child custody records is not only a concern for famous parents. Many custody cases contain matters that would be upsetting to children. The difference is that, when a famous couple goes through a high-profile divorce and custody battle, those details become headlines in tabloid magazines and other media. 

The judge in Presley’s child custody case recently granted a temporary sealing of records. There’s another hearing scheduled in the coming months, and the judge will listen to arguments on the sealing issue from both sides, and could make a final ruling on the matter. For those in Texas following the case, additional details could soon be far harder to come by, which might be a good outcome for the young girls at the center of the case.