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A military divorce can cause serious health problems

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Military Divorce

Recent research suggests that men and women who go through divorce are more likely to encounter serious health issues than those who remain married. For Texas spouses preparing for a military divorce, this information can help prevent a decline in health and wellness. As with so many things in life, being fully informed is the best way to chart out a course for success.

Researchers found that people who’ve gone through divorce have higher rates of smoking and sedentary lifestyle. Both of those things can cause numerous health problems and should be avoided at all costs. Researchers believe that marriage provides important social controls that help both spouses regulate behavior and embrace healthier choices. When those social controls vanish, some individuals will turn to negative habits as they adjust to single life.

In order to avoid serious health problems after divorce, it’s important to take a proactive stance in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Some people choose to join a gym, while others hire the services of a personal trainer. Connecting with friends and family in an active way is also a great way to remain healthy during and after a divorce.

This research is shared with Texas spouses in the hopes of providing the motivation needed to embrace a healthy lifestyle during the course of a military divorce. With the right approach, military spouses can place their health as a priority, even as they tackle a lengthy divorce to-do list. Moving forward with renewed health and wellness is a great way to make the most of post-divorce life.

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