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Jury sides with father in Texas child custody situation

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2018 | Child Custody

A 4-year-old girl has been at the center of a court battle between her parents in Texas. The girl’s mother formally accused her father of child abuse. However, certain events recently unfolded that led a jury to vote that managing child custody should be granted to the child’s father.

The young girl’s mother told various court officials that the child’s father had committed inappropriate physical contact with his daughter. The father adamantly denied these allegations. He further asserted that the woman was merely trying to turn the child against him.

In any situation where a court order exists regarding custody, visitation or support, all parties are legally bound to adhere to the court’s ruling. The mother in this particular case failed to do so, which became apparent when she hid the child for more than a week. This troubling situation led to the jury’s recent decision in favor of the girl’s father.

A private investigator working for the child’s father said the jury made the right choice. She stated that the court clearly had the child’s best interests in mind when it rendered its decision. She also expressed concern regarding the mother’s reported interaction with other children at a local church and said her close relationships with those children may not be in the children’s best interests. Such child custody situations often evoke strong emotions on both sides; however, acting alongside experienced representation can help Texas parents can avoid major stress and focus on the legal aspects of their situations.

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