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Child custody case centers on medical child abuse

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2017 | Child Custody

An unusual custody case has resulted in a Texas father being reunited with his son and a mother facing criminal charges connected to the boy’s medical issues. The child custody resolution is a welcome relief for the father, who has been fighting for years to have the courts and child protective services intervene in the matter. The father and son were reunited in time to spend Christmas together, and the mother now faces serious criminal charges. 

At the heart of the case is the mother’s claims that her son suffered from various medical conditions, including a rare genetic disorder and a type of cancer. For years, she told friends, family and community members that the child was dying. At one point, she even had hospice workers come into their home to provide care. 

The boy was subjected to 13 major surgical procedures and was taken to the hospital more than 300 times. Throughout this ordeal, the father tried everything in his power to convince the courts and social workers that his son’s mother was fabricating the child’s illness. Those efforts failed for years, and at one point, a judge even prevented the father from spending time with his son. 

In a recent child custody action, the Texas father finally found justice and received custody of his son. After years of unnecessary procedures, medical workers reported the mother to the authorities, and an investigation revealed that the boy has no medical issues aside from minor allergies. The mother was charged with medical child abuse, and will have to undergo extensive therapy and parenting classes.

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