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Can customized schedules help with new living arrangements?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Child Custody

A Texas divorce brings about a great many changes, some of which can be difficult for children to adjust to. Making this period of transition easier for kids is usually one of the few things that divorcing parents can agree upon. To that end, one company has created a customizable schedule to assist families who are adapting to new living arrangements and visitation exchanges.

The calendar uses a magnetic board that is divided into weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly configurations. Round magnets are customized with drawings of each parent, and some even have both parents displayed. Children can have their own magnets, and they can also be created to show different homes, school or sporting activities and even appointments.

The calendars offer kids the chance to see how their week or month will play out, and where they will be on any given day. Having that level of understanding can help children feel a sense of control over their environment. During a time when very few things seem within their control, this can make a big difference to children who are struggling to come to terms with their altered family structure.

Texas families have a number of choices when it comes to finding a scheduling solution that can help kids adjust to new living arrangements. Older children may prefer to use an app-based calendar that is shared between all parties. No matter what type of solution is chosen, finding a way to chart out visitation times and locations can make this period of time easier for both adults and children.  

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