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Mother in another state fighting to regain child custody

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2016 | Child Custody

A mother was highly upset when a judge recently ruled that her 3-year-old daughter was to live with her former husband after she sought to ease her child’s suffering in an unusual manner. The mother’s attorney said they hope to convince the court to grant child custody back the mother. For now, the child has been sent to live with her father, and the mother has been given visitation rights. Parents in Texas facing custody challenges may relate to this woman’s distress.

The situation unfolded when the mother gave her daughter marijuana-laced food to treat a seizure condition from which the child suffers. At the time, the child was reportedly experiencing adverse effects from intermittent use of a particular medication. Symptoms including vomiting and hallucinations.

The marijuana-laced concoction appeared to greatly alleviate the child’s suffering. When the mother later took the child to a doctor, blood tests were positive for marijuana. The doctor reported the findings to authorities, and the mother was criminally charged.

The mother told reporters she believes she did not harm her child in any way, but helped her. Marijuana is illegal in the state where she resides. She has been charged with a misdemeanor. Any parent in Texas who is facing child custody, visitation or child support issues has every right to contact a family law attorney for guidance and support. Aggressive litigation is often a key factor toward obtaining a favorable outcome in court; a concerned parent has the right to act alongside skilled representation to maximize chances of achieving positive results.

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