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Properly navigating unmarried child custody issues

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2016 | Child Custody

When two parents who are not married decide to separate, it can be particularly complex to resolve matters involving the children. Considering how frustrating and complicated such matters can be, unmarried child custody issues should always be handled with the assistance of a lawyer who can help a client find practical, workable solutions. This assistance can provide invaluable support to a Texas parent who both wishes to assert his or her parental rights and protect the best interests of the child. 

Even when the two parties are at odds regarding the child custody arrangement, it is still possible to resolve these matters out of court. Instead of allowing the child to become the center of a legal dispute, a parent may work with his or her legal counselor to establish a visitation schedule, negotiate terms with the other parties and resolve matters as quickly as possible. Above all, the best interests of the child should be the primary goal.

Unmarried parents should always have a legal order regarding the financial support of the child. This provides both parties with clear expectations regarding their financial obligations. They may also work together on this agreement outside of court. Whether there is a dispute that must be resolved or a parent simply wishes to have legal protections in place, this is a smart step for every unmarried Texas parent. 

As a biological parent, you have rights that must be protected. We know how hard unmarried child custody issues can be on both you and your child, and we are dedicated to sustainable, reasonable solutions to these matters. Get legal help suited to your particular needs by scheduling a case evaluation with a member of our experienced team.