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Gaining legal advice during a military divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2016 | Military Divorce

The concept of collaborative divorce has grown in popularity over the past decade, and it has become something of a divorce trend as of late. Many Texas spouses want to end their marriage on good terms with their soon-to-be ex, and choose to work together to resolve the issues within their military divorce. Some will even choose to use one attorney to handle the entire process, rather than each party retaining his or her own legal counsel.

This is not a wise decision, even when there is very little contention between parties. Having a divorce attorney is critical to the decision-making process, as the attorney is ethically bound to place the best interests of his or her client at the forefront of the process. Without having a legal professional looking after one’s interests, decisions can be made that are not in line with the spouse’s needs and goals.

An attorney does far more than simply process the paperwork involved in a divorce. He or she also listens to each client to determine current and projected needs, and pursues a settlement that is in line with those goals. Sharing an attorney leaves both spouses without full and proper legal representation, as it is impossible for an attorney to serve the interests of two individuals at once.

Hiring a divorce attorney does not necessarily mean that the spouses are gearing up for a nasty legal battle. It simply provides each party with the guidance and advice of a professional who understands the ins and outs of military divorce. Collaboration is still possible and is usually a worthy goal. Texas spouses who are thinking about how to move forward with their divorce should make sure that they take the right approach to this significant life event.

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