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Child custody dispute results in golf ban for child

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2016 | Child Custody

Few things are more exciting for Texas parents than when a child displays a particularly high aptitude for academics, music, art or sports. There are some kids who just seem destined to pursue their dreams at the highest possible levels, and parents are often filled with pride when their child is among that small group. In a recent high profile child custody dispute, one little girl’s dreams of playing professional golf may have been hindered by her parent’s inability to work together to resolve their custody issues.

The case revolves around a 10-year-old girl who already shows signs of being a golf prodigy. The child has won 11 out of the last 12 tournaments that she has entered, and recently won the all-ages women’s division of her first competitive 18-hole tournament. Professionals in the golf world feel that she already has the skills needed to earn a scholarship to college, but they are concerned that a year away from competitive play could hurt her career path.

The judge ruled that the girl cannot play in any golf tournament in the next 12 months. She is limited to one round of golf per week and cannot work with any golf pro other than her father. This has led to outrage in the golf community, and complaints have been made to the PGA Commissioner.

Her father, who was her first golf teacher and gave her the first set of clubs she ever owned, is planning to appeal the ruling. The appeals process, however, could very well take a year to complete, by which time the ban would already be lifted. There is no word on the role that the mother played in this decision, or if she is against the child’s participation in this level of competitive play. The case demonstrates the power that family courts have during a child custody dispute, and the need for parents in Texas and elsewhere to work together to reach a solution outside of a court of law.

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