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How to talk with kids about divorce and child custody

Parents who are moving toward divorce often dread having to discuss the matter with their kids. A great deal of that fear comes from not knowing how a child will react, as well as worrying about how to structure divorce and child custody conversations. The following tips focus on how kids approach divorce at different ages, and can help parents in Texas and elsewhere formulate a plan for having the "divorce talk" with their own kids.

An unusual but effective child custody tactic

Many Texas readers are familiar with the phrase "kill them with kindness." It is often used as advice for individuals who are dealing with some sort of contention, whether at work, with a friend or in a social setting. The saying is meant to suggest that when a person wants to win another over to his or her side, it is often better to be unfailingly kind and considerate rather than adversarial. This approach yields results, and it can also be applied within the context of child custody matters.

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