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Video catches attack on husband during child custody dispute

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2015 | Child Custody

While most Texas parents are able to work through their divorce issues outside of the courtroom, there are cases in which emotions run high, and contention between spouses becomes difficult to overcome. In the most drastic examples, spouses will engage in forms of domestic violence before their divorces and child custody cases are resolved. Many of these incidents can be characterized as relatively minor instances of simple assault, which leave no visible marks. In such cases, it can be difficult to prove that an act of domestic violence took place.

One man decided to take proactive measures after he was subjected to multiple assaults at the hands of his wife. The couple was in the middle of a divorce and custody battle, and the husband claims that not only was he being subjected to abuse, but also that his wife was making false claims against him, stating that he was the one in the role of abuser. He decided to wear a GoPro camera strapped to his belt in order to document their custody exchanges.

During a recent incident, the camera was able to capture the woman’s hand reaching around from behind the man as he was leaning into his car to unbuckle one of his children from a car seat. The woman grabbed her estranged husband’s testicles, then quickly backed away. She is then heard threatening to tell the authorities that he assaulted her should he decide to call the police. Because he had the incident on video, he called for assistance, and the woman was subsequently arrested for domestic battery.

As this couple continues to move through the divorce and child custody case, having this incident on video may be of help to the man. Because he can document his wife’s actions, he will be able to make a strong case that not only has he been the victim of domestic violence, but also that his wife has no qualms about making false statements. For spouses in Texas who are facing similar challenges concerning minor physical altercations, filming interactions with the other party may be helpful in court. That said, it is absolutely essential for spouses to seek protection when partners are extremely abusive or violent.  

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