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After child custody: Settling into new co-parenting roles

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2015 | Military Divorce

The first few months following a divorce can be difficult to weather. For many Texas parents, this process is just as difficult as the child custody negotiations that took place during the divorce. The good news is that things will normalize over time and that a new set of routines and traditions will eventually replace the old. It may take time and effort, in the same way as learning any new task. 

The best way to handle this time of transition is to make every effort to focus on the children. This means setting aside any lingering tensions or bitterness that might remain between spouses, in the interest of moving forward within the new family structure. Parents must avoid making any negative comments toward each other in front of the children.

Kids are far more observant than many parents understand. They pick up on subtle signals that pass between their parents, and are often made to feel that they have to choose sides. This is not a healthy way for them to adjust to their new living arrangements, and can make it difficult for kids to retain and nurture a bond with both of their parents.

Texas parents who have gone through a child custody process must make wise decisions during the first few months after the divorce. This means putting the needs of the children first, and also taking care of their own personal needs. Over time, things will settle into a new normal, and both parents and children will grow comfortable in their new positions within the divided family structure.  

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