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Military divorce could spike after Ashley Madison hack

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2015 | Military Divorce

A great many military families are broken due to infidelity, regardless of which spouse was the one to stray. With the release of information gleaned from the recent Ashley Madison hack, many Texas spouses are wondering if their husband or wife might be among the 39 million clients who signed up for the service. For some, finding out that their partner paid to have access to cheating partners could be the motivating factor behind the decision to seek a military divorce.

Ashley Madison, for those who are unaware, is a web service that allows users to search for sexual partners. The service is marketed to married people, and the concept of stepping out on one’s marriage is glorified throughout the site. Clients are offered assurance that their indiscretions will remain, well, discreet. That promise seems to have been broken, as a group of hackers release account information that was not properly protected by Ashley Madison.

For spouses who are considering checking to see if their husband or wife was among those who used the service, it is important to think about what one’s next steps might be if a search reveals a match. Many people placed in such a position will want to immediately confront their spouse and seek answers. This, however, may not be the best possible plan of attack.

Spouses might be better served by taking any information gleaned from the hacked data and deciding whether the marriage has been broken beyond repair. Some Texas couples are able to work with a counselor to resolve damaged trust resulting from an affair. Others will move toward a military divorce as soon as adultery has been confirmed. For those spouses, sitting down with a divorce attorney to discuss the available options is a wise move.

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