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Dads can struggle with altered living arrangements

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2015 | Child Custody

In the aftermath of a divorce, many Texas parents struggle to come to terms with a new single-parent household structure. For dads, the change can be especially difficult to handle. While each family is unique, it is often the norm for mothers to create the vast majority of the rules under which children are raised. Once divorce has led to altered living arrangements, dads are left having to work out their own rules for how their household will be run.

While this can be stressful for many, it is important to see this change in a positive light. Parents should always work together to maintain consistency in the important rules, such as discipline, study habits and bedtimes. However, there are many other areas in which post-divorce fathers are able to strike out and chart their own course.

For example, fathers who feel strongly that education should come first can integrate learning activities into the daily routine on visitation days. Others might want to incorporate a higher level of competition into the mix. Still, others may want to impart more of the morals and values with which they themselves were brought up. By not having to compromise with the other parent on each and every detail of a child’s life, dads are able to customize much of the time spent with their kids.

It can be difficult to adjust to spending only a portion of time with one’s children within the household. However, it is possible to use the altered living arrangements to create a home environment that feels comfortable, and is in line with the beliefs and values that an individual wishes to impart. In some ways, this is more easily accomplished when Texas dads have the ability to make up some of the rules on their own.

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