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Military divorce challenging with reluctant spouse

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2014 | Military Divorce

Going through the end of a marriage is always a difficult process. However, for Texas military families in which only one spouse is ready to move on, the process can become far more challenging. There are several common objections that individuals pose when their spouse asks for a military divorce, and knowing how to respond can make it easier to discuss the matter.

One of the most common objections involves the impact that the decision will have on the children involved. This is a valid concern, because the reality is that children are affected by divorce. However, kids are also affected by the relationship patterns between their parents. When there is tension, strife or unhappiness within the family home, kids will pick up on those things. In many cases, children are far better off being raised by two involved parents who are living happy and healthy lives than remaining in a home where mom and dad are staying together simply for them.

Another objection to divorce that is often raised is that breaking up will be far too costly. Many couples stay together far longer than they should based on financial fears. This, too, is an objection that can be overcome by simple reason. Dividing one household into two can be a challenge, but it is also an opportunity to develop improved budgeting and saving strategies. Talking about money matters is also a great chance to discuss the financial benefits of a collaborative divorce versus one that is battled out in court.

It is never easy to discuss the end of a marriage, and bringing up the matter with a reluctant spouse is even more difficult. However, the reality is that working together to iron out the details of a military divorce in Texas is far easier when both parties are on the same page. With the right mix of time, reason and discussion, it is possible to reach an agreement that moving beyond the marriage is the best choice for all involved.  

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