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Is Nick Cannon a child custody role model?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2014 | Child Custody

Texas fans of the hit show “America’s Got Talent” will be familiar with the name Nick Cannon. The personable host of the show, Cannon comes across as funny, witty and utterly relatable. The entertainer and his wife, singer Mariah Carey, may also serve as the most current example of the rarest of breeds: the celebrity couple who handles their divorce and child custody with dignity and grace.

Since his split with his mega-star wife, Cannon has gone to great lengths to avoid making any public comment that could be construed as bitter or resentful. In fact, he has used Twitter as a platform from which to praise his wife’s parenting skills and offer her unwavering support in her career efforts. This is in contrast to the many other celebrity divorces in which both sides take to the airwaves (or keyboards) to bash each other to pieces.

By taking the high road, Cannon and Carey can provide a very public example of the best way to end a marriage. Because the couple share 3-year-old twins, they will also avoid the risk that their children might one day read negative comments that one parent made against the other. This same approach applies to non-celebrity couples, as well. When parents are able to keep their own emotional response to divorce in check, the end result is always better for the children involved.

As Cannon and Carey continue to work through the details of their divorce and child custody arrangement, it is hoped that they will maintain a positive public approach to one another. Our culture tends to focus on the more negative aspects of marriage and divorce, and there is no shortage of public figures who make it appear that every divorcing couple is at war. In reality, however, many individuals in Texas and beyond are able to work through this time in a positive and collaborative manner.  

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