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Positives of returning to work after a military divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2014 | Military Divorce

For many Texas women who are married to servicemembers and have been stay-at-home moms for many years, the prospect of going back to work following a divorce is daunting. This is especially true when the military divorce was not one that you sought. While the end of a marriage can bring a range of challenges, heading back into the workforce is not as difficult or frightening as many women fear. There are many positive results that come with a return to a career path.

For many mothers, a great deal of the time and effort spent raising a family goes without recognition. This can lead some to devalue their role in the home, and often those feelings translate into fears that one will not be an effective or successful force within their field of employment. In reality, however, most women will find that their skills and value have only been honed by the tasks required of motherhood and being a military spouse, and that those skills are easily translated into improved job performance.

Another common fear involves outsourcing child care duties. It is common for working mothers to worry that their kids are not receiving the same level of care that they would within the home. While it may be true that they will have a different experience by being cared for by others, there is no reason to believe that those experiences will be negative. Often kids become stronger and more self-sufficient by being exposed to caregivers that are not their parents. In addition, working mothers are sending a string message to their kids about being self-sufficient and resilient.

When faced with the prospect of having to re-enter the workforce after a military divorce, Texas mothers should make an effort to avoid looking at the changes ahead in an overly negative light. There are a range of benefits to be found by returning to work, for both you and your family. The months and years following a divorce are defined by change, and the best way to move through those changes is with confidence and a positive attitude.

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