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January 2014 Archives

In Texas, mistakes in alimony and divorce can cost extra

Many divorces have numerous complicated details that can cost one party thousands over a lifetime. In Texas, many parties can forget to look into the details that can either save or cost one party more money than they can imagine. Alimony, Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) and retirement accounts are just a few of the ways many parties can make a huge financial mistake.

Separate finances after a military divorce

During the divorce process, Texas couples spend a great deal of time and effort reviewing their financial standing and making decisions on how to divide the marital wealth that they have amassed. This process can serve a valuable function, as many individuals are unaware of the details of their financial standing, and splitting up their assets entails delving into the details of one's financial life. This process can serve as a starting point for a new approach to financial stability, but many spouses fail to take advantage of this silver lining within a military divorce.

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