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November 2013 Archives

Can alimony payments ever be altered or stopped?

Many Texas residents who have gone through a divorce are left with an obligation to pay spousal support. Very few are excited at the prospect of having to provide for their former spouse, especially when an alimony order covers a significant length of time. Luckily, social and judicial attitudes about alimony have shifted over the years, and many spousal support orders are intended only to provide limited financial assistance while a former spouse finds gainful employment and is able to move forward on their own.

Unexpected effects of a Texas military divorce

When a Texas couple moves through a divorce, there are a great many things that are expected. Virtually everyone accepts that the end of a marriage will bring a wide range of changes, and most are prepared to deal with a period of adjustment after the process is complete. However, in many cases spouses are surprised by some of the emotional effects of a military divorce, some of which don't arise until many years after the split takes place.

Tips for easing a military divorce in Texas

It should come as no surprise that many Texas spouses who go through a difficult divorce have brought some of those hardships upon themselves. During this time of high stress, it can be easy to make choices that do not always serve one's best interests. The following tips are offered in the hopes of easing the challenges within a military divorce, and reaching an outcome that is favorable to all parties.

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