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Texas couple divorces year after death of 22-month-old daughter

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2013 | Military Divorce

Dealing with a divorce is never an easy thing to handle, but when that divorce is sought because your spouse may have been responsible for your child’s death, the process can become that much more difficult.

Such is the case for one Texas airman this month who was finally granted a divorce from his wife on July 31. The likely reason for filing for divorce may have had something to do with the fact that his wife is currently facing charges in the death of their 22-month-old daughter and the neglect of the couple’s two other children.

For those in the state who may remember, the three children were removed from the home and taken to a local hospital because of severe neglect. This neglect is the ultimate cause of the 22-month-old’s death and caused the mother to lose custody of her children. Reports indicate that a temporary conservatorship has been established between the state of Texas and the father. It’s unclear if he has or will fight for full custody of his children. It’s unclear if he is being implicated in the case or not.

This case presents several issues that would be difficult for any couple to sort out without the help of an experienced attorney. The first issue is obviously the accusations facing the mother. As many of our readers can imagine, it would be hard for any person to stay in a marriage if they considered their children’s lives to be in danger.

Aside from the custody issue, the couple will also face the complexities of sorting out their financial assets as well. As some of our readers may know from past experience, the division of benefits in a military divorce often depends on how long a couple has been married and what the non-military spouse is owed. In a case like this, emotions could run high and require additional time to sort out, which, as our readers know, can add to the cost of a divorce and prolong a final decision in the end.

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