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Charlie Sheen offers more child support, ex-wife turns him down

On Behalf of | May 15, 2013 | Child Support

Just about anyone in the state of Texas will tell you that one of the more difficult parts of divorce is figuring out child custody and the subsequent child support that must be paid to the primary parent.  But sometimes these cases can get incredibily complicated, especially when caregivers are not the children’s biological parents.  Such is the case with Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards, who received temporary custody of Sheen’s twin boys from a proveious marriage after their mother was accused of being on drugs.

Although the end of their marriage was incredibly rocky, even involving a few legal arbitrations surrounding whether their adopted daughter would appear on Richards’ reality show a few years back, the couple now appears to be on better terms.  One source even described them as the “happiest divorced couple” when Richards respectfully declined Sheen’s offer to pay more in child support.

While this is not an uncommon thing for family law attorneys to see, it is still a rarity–especially when the increase in payment is not prompted by any requests from the other spouse. For Sheen, reporters say, the extra money was his way of making that their children had everything they needed without putting a financial strain on Richards.

According to some sources, Richards declined the additional money, stating that she had the financial means to support the children. While a majority of people may be afraid of how financially stable they will be after a divorce, in some cases it may be possible for a single parent to decline additional child support, much like in the case of Sheen and Richards.

Although some people may be looking at the former spouses’ behavior as a Hollywood fabrication, others would argue that their divorce is perfect proof that you can have a civil relationship with your ex as long as you keep the children’s best interests at heart.

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