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Abilene Divorce Lawyer

In addition to conclusively ending the marital relationship, divorce can involve the difficult processes of dividing marital property and determining child custody matters. It goes without saying that all aspects of divorce are emotionally and financially difficult, and whether you are deciding to file for divorce or you have been served divorce papers, it is important that you take every opportunity to protect your rights.

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Comprehensive Representation For Divorcing Spouses

While some couples are able to amicably resolve issues throughout the divorce process, for others divorce can become highly contentious. Regardless of your individual circumstances at the time of your divorce, we can provide the legal information you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. At every stage in the process, you will be aware of your rights and all of your options for achieving the best possible outcome.

Child custody and support: Child custody and child support involving visitation can be difficult for parents and the children. We will work to identify your needs and the best interests of your children to devise an appropriate solution tailored to your family's specific situation.

Spousal maintenance and alimony: The amount of spousal maintenance or alimony that a spouse may receive at the time of divorce involves a number of factors that have to be considered by the court, including the economic status of the couple, the duration of the marriage, the spouses' standard of living, whether one spouse was a stay-at-home parent, and both spouses' ability to work. We have the knowledge and experience to protect your right to spousal support or assist you in defending against unreasonable support obligations.

Division of property: Dividing property at the time of the divorce can be complex and difficult for many couples. At the Law Offices of Randy Wilson and Kristin Postell, PLLC, we are experienced in handling the division of complex assets in divorce and will effectively assert your rights to your fair share of community property, including 401ks, pensions and retirement accounts. We also have the resources to trace separate property to its origin in order to exclude that property from the divorce settlement.

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